Want to Change the World? Build Community.

In the face of global crises, let’s stop elevating personal sacrifice as our greatest source of solutions; it’s time to seek each other, imagine together, and act collectively if we want to accelerate change.

credit: C Bryck
  1. Purpose, Identity & Values: why are these important; when is community-building not the right strategy; how and why to enable a collaborative approach to co-define these together
  2. Roles & Participation: levels of engagement; co-creation do’s and don’ts; an introduction to platform strategies
  3. Gatherings & Channels: how, when, and where to convene
  4. Governance & Guidelines: various models of community governance; ways in which we can create liberating structures to unleash both autonomy and interdependence
  5. Health & Success: how to tell if your community is healthy; which metrics to pay attention to; why and how community leaders should host themselves



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Oona Eager

Steward of The Current / Project Lead / Canadian in Amsterdam ➡ Learn more and contact via linkedin.com/in/oonaeager